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At our store we strive to provide quality repair and maintenance services to our customers. For everything you need we have the experience and knowledge to meet your needs.
Take advantage of our amazing offers now and make your bike the most competitive price on the market at our authorized workshop with our fully qualified staff
Bicycle Collect and drop off Service
At Life Cycles we offer an experienced bicycle service and maintenance of your bike, offering a collection and drop off service.
Price for South Attica 10€. For the rest of Attica suburbs you have to call us depending of the distance.
Our Basic Service includes complete check and adjustment of brakes, gears and all moving parts of the bike.
Bicycle protection
In our shop you can dress your bike with the best straps that protect your bike (invisiframe, blackbird tape, helicopter tape, mastic tape)
Special service
Our special service includes front and rear suspension telescopic dropperpost and lever bearing change / maintenance.
At our store you will find useful tips for maintaining your bike after use, in order to extend the life of your spare parts.
Our specialized staff, with years of experience in the front & rear service of all the companies we work with, has the solution for everything you need (Air Cartridge Change, Route Change, Seal Change etc.) at more competitive market prices.
Dropper post
At Life cycles, through our huge range of companies in our store (Bike yoke, Rock shox, ks, fox, etc.) we have the experience and knowledge to repair whatever you need in your dropper post
Spare parts washing and maintenance
At Life Cycles, our experienced staff, using a variety of intergands, is able to remove all kinds of pollutants throughout our range of spare parts as well as the entire bike giving it its old shine.
Bike protection
In our store you can dress up your bike using the best films on the market (invizeframe, blackbird tape, helicopter tape) protecting it from bumps and scratches.
More services
Additional service includes wheel knitting, bicycle mounting, brake ventilation, spare parts tips, warranty service and more.
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